Hey There đź‘‹ I am Alex Smith

Full Stack Software Engineer

A former Wall Street suit turned Full Stack Software Engineer for the past 7+ years. I manage and build creative solutions to complex problems.

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A borderline cold brew coffee addict and a Florida native currently residing in Tampa, Florida, my name is Alexander Smith (Alex). If I had to describe a 'personal mission statement' , I'd say that mine is to provide others with opportunities - especially if it helps them move up the so-called socio-economic ladder.

While I call Tampa home, I was born in Baltimore, MD and I've been to Germany more times than my fingers permit me to count (I'm Black and German).

Software Engineering Experience

My Resume

You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been.

Software Engineer

TicketFire | Columbus, OH

2016 - 2018

Engineered a template recommendation engine to recommend to users the correct template for 93% of tickets digitized or sold.

Introduced data analytics to track consumer behavior during the checkout process that resulted in a 21% increase in customer conversion.

Full Stack Software Engineer

Intrinio | Remote

2018 - 2019

Developed a real time integration using Elixir/Phoenix to stream ~10,000 messages per second for more than 1,000 Cryptocurrency pairs across 20+ exchanges.

Created the technical-analysis gem. It is an open-sourced Ruby library for performing technical analysis on stock prices and other data sets.

Built an embeddable script for clients to include on their webpages to render real-time data in-line.

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Forem/DEV | Remote

2020 - 2022

Forem(DEV) is open-source so you can see some of my work by checking out the repo.

I worked on several interesting projects including implementing edge caching with NGINX and OpenResty to reduce server loads by 80%+, a greenfield application to help manage paid/hosted Forems, implementing Elasticsearch, and more.

Developed a Greenfield application to monitor and analyze data from cloud instances of the Forem software.

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

GiveCampus | Remote

2021 - 2022

Improved the response time of the most popular action (donation processing) by 50% (120ms to 60 ms).

Led the re-factor of core, legacy code with cross-calibration of senior engineers from various pods.

Engineered an “abandoned donation” flow to boost conversion by 3% for users who started and abandoned a donation.

Senior Backend Engineer

Teal | Remote

2022 - 2022

Led the process of upgrading all major dependencies on the backend (i.e. Ruby version) across all backend applications.

Updated Docker configurations to make it easier for the frontend team to run all the backend micro services.

Conducted research, including meeting with 3rd parties, to improve our text analysis algorithms.

Senior Software Engineer

Kasheesh | Remote

2022 - 2023

Implemented an UX re-design for a more mobile-first approach using Tailwind.

Led the integration to support issuing multi-use credit cards allowing users to split purchases across their cards of choice.

Created a framework for tracking KPIs and key user behaviors for the business development team to use.

Senior Software Engineer

Your Project | Remote

2023 - ?

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Hear From Others' Experiences

These are people I've worked with and/or for professionally.

Alex is an articulate communicator and excellent at developing solutions for complex problems. He delivers top quality code. Always. The degree of emotional intelligence possessed by Alex makes him such a well rounded individual and an absolute pleasure to work alongside.

Dwight Scott

Senior Software Engineer @ Boundless Immigration

Alex, without question, is what you would call a 10x engineer. His ability to crank out quality code and present technical accomplishments to the business is next to none. However, all of that pales in comparison to his dedication to creating a safe and inclusive workspace for all.

Larry Scott

Senior Software Engineer @ GiveCampus

Alex has an innate ability to see beyond the code. He's able to have high level conversations typically reserved for product managers unlike any other engineer I've ever seen. He understands how to translate things into layman's terms that is also tailored to a specific audience.

Armando Ochoa

Senior Business Operations & Strategy Manager @ Pinterest

Alex helped me automate painstakingly manual and repetitive tasks that I had no idea could even be automated. He saves me several hours a week now. Throughout the process he was communicative, prompt, and professional. I'd absolutely work with him again.

Amber Figlow

CEO @ A Creative Co.

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